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“Learning Together, Aiming High”

Our Curriculum - Learning at KSM

The School affirms its commitment to the Foundation Stage Curriculum in the Reception Year and the National Curriculum in Year 1 to Year 6. By careful planning, pupils enjoy continuity and progression throughout the school in all subjects. Although these subjects may be taught individually, classes normally work through topics. Since knowledge is inter-related, a topic, skills based approach to learning links many areas of study. Topics are chosen to give a balance, i.e. if there is a historical emphasis one term, a scientific topic will follow the next term.

We place equal importance on each area of a child’s development, and recognise and value the importance of structured play, practical and meaningful activities to allow children to learn with enjoyment throughout the school. Learners are encouraged to assess their own work, look for areas to improve and challenge themselves—always trying to do their best. Activities are planned to develop skills, enable learners to adapt skills in different contexts and take as much responsibility for their own learning as possible. Creativity is encouraged and we aim to provide learning experiences that are meaningful and memorable.

“A strong feature of teaching is the consistent approach throughout the school. Well-planned lessons take good account of pupils working at different stages and challenge them to do their best. The breadth of the curriculum is very good, allowing pupils to do well in many subjects. Pupils have a wealth of extra activities, for example in after-school clubs, which enhance their learning and enjoyment of school”   (Ofsted report, January 2008)

“The culmination of the many strengths of the school was observed in the Key Stage 2 production of ‘The Selfish Giant’. All the pupils in Years 3 to 6 were involved in this. The presentation was excellent, with confident, creative singing, dance, speaking and acting. Hush fell among the audience as the lone child returned to the giant’s garden. The pupils were immensely proud of their achievement and insistent that thesecond performance would be even better”. (Ofsted Report 2011)

Parent Guide to National Curriculum 2014 click here


New Curriculum

The new curriculum was introduced in September 2014. It is designed to provide children with an introduction to essential knowledge and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement through teaching programmes of study for each National Curriculum subject. Schools are free to choose how they organise their school day, as long as the programmes of study are taught.

Although our curriculum is delivered through a topic based approach, we do not follow a prescribed or set programme of topics as many schools do. We like to keep our learning fresh and relevant. Teachers are able to choose their topics according to what the children are interested in, what they as teachers are interested in and what is happening in the world around us. We ensure that the children are involved in the suggestions, discussions and planning that guide our choice of topics.

By using our unique Cohort Curriculum Planning and Tracking document, we can ensure that all children are being taught the required curriculum, are progressing through the required skills and are not repeating sections unnecessarily.

Many extra-curricular activities are used to enhance our curriculum, including visits and visitors, excellent resources and artefacts, plays and productions, our Citizenship Awards and the outside environment. We are very keen to utilise the local area to develop our learning and we are very fortunate to have places such as Lacock, Avebury, Bath, Bristol and Stonehenge on our doorstep.

You can see the statutory National Curriculum Framework document for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 by clicking here

You can see how the curriculum is covered within each year group by clicking here

You can see the statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage by clicking here

You can see our Curriculum Policy by clicking here

You can see our Learning and Teaching Policy by clicking here

By clicking on the different areas of the curriculum below, you will be able to find out more about specific subjects. You may also find our Class Newsletters and Topic Webs (on the Homepage - Curriculum) informative.


Curriculum - English


Curriculum - Design & Technology
Design and Technology
Curriculum - Mathematics
Curriculum - Languages
Curriculum - Science

Curriculum - Geography
Curriculum - Art & Design
Art and Design
Curriculum - History
Curriculum - Religious Education
Religious Education
Curriculum - Music
Curriculum - Computing
Curriculum - Physical Eduction
Physical Education
Curriculum - Citizenship
Curriculum - EYFS

Assessment at KSM


Young people should experience education outside of the classroom as an essential part of their learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstances. Here at Kington St Michael CE Primary school we plan a range of stimulating and exciting outdoor education opportunities for all the children. This ranges from daily access to our outside classrooms, trips to the woods in the village, day trips and residential trips.

Parents may wish to further supplement this provision and arrange opportunities for their child. Braeside Education Centre (in Devizes) is an exciting and challenging way to enhance this.  Children can experience a wide variety of courses - from archery and horse riding to Maths and Literacy.  There are both one day courses and overnight experiences available and some excellent courses for children with a particular gift or talent.

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"We monitor and evaluate our practice regularly throughout the year.
You can see this process by accessing our monitoring and evaluation schedules below."


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