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Children's Weblinks

Alphabet, Spelling and Phonics
LSCWC - Spelling game Letter Fun Spellings Activities and Games
Coconut Words Missing Letters Sight Words
Learn English Kids Phonemes Alphabetical Order
Spelling Grader Phonics -Sandcastle Quiz Alphabet Soup
High Freq Words Alphabet Centre More CVC Words
Ch and Sh Words Drag'n'Spell -Vowels Guess the Letters before Chip Walks the Plank
Blending Phonemes in Word Clusters-1 Blending Phonemes in Word Clusters-2

Word Work and Sentences
Word Play Similar Words Game (synonyms) Go Grammar
Building Words Word Play - tenses and grammar Working with Words
The Mouse Club My Monster Writing Activity Nouns and Verbs
Poetic Skills/Rhyming Word Search Upper and Lowercase Letters Trapped Inside (Age 5-7)
The Trapdoor (Age 5-7) Escape Route (Age 5-7) News and Media
Vowels and Consonants Word Blender  
Wacky Sentences Picture Dictionary Wordsearch Machine

Developing English Skills through Fun Activities

Alf and Betty Encourage Children to Read Word Games
Educational Games and Fun Magic Key Adventures Digby Mole's Word Games
Brain Gymnastics    

Read these Fables GuideOnline books Animal Ark Books
Learn to Read Children's Literature Web Enid Blyton Books
Read it! Peter Rabbit and Friends Roald Dahl Books
Thomas the Tank Engine Proverbs Religious Stories
The Gingerbread Man Starfall Children's Library
Book Adventure Literacy Trust Books Resources
Illustrated Stories Online Stories and Resources Hedgehog Books
Arthur Books and Resources Talking Books Fun Poetry for Kids
Tumble Book Libary Reading and Books Aesop's Fables

Addition, Subtraction and More Activities
Addition to 10 (2mins) Addition to 10 (1min) Addition to 10 (30s)
Addition to 20 (2mins) Addition to 20 (1min) Addition to 20 (30s)
Subtraction to 10 (2mins) Subtraction to 10 (1min) Subtraction to 10 (30s)
The Digit Workout Number Balance Number Ordering
Subtraction to 20 (3mins) Subtraction to 20 (2min) Add and Subtract to 20 (1min)
Add and Subtract to 50 (1min) Add up to 10+10 Funky Mummy Game Number Bonds to 20 Funky Mummy Game
Subtraction to 20 (1min) Subtraction to 20 (30s) Add and Subtract to 100 (1min)
Add and Subtract to 100 (90s) Add 10 More (game for 2 players) Speed Grid Challenge
Addition Machine Math Magician Writing Big Numbers
Count on in 1's What Comes Next Counting On and Back
Count back in 1's Learn to Count Addition Flashcards
Two Less than Hundreds, Tens & Units Subtraction Flashcards
Two More than Count back in 10s Sum Sense Addition
Count on in 3's Count on in 5's Sum Sense Subtraction
Ghostblasters Count back in 5's Smaller and Smaller
Maths Zone Odd-Bugs Maths Game Number Jumbler
Odd Numbers Times Table Mat Find the Most
Odds and Evens KS1 Games Spot the Odds
Seashell Rounding Game  

Multiplication & Division
Multiplication Arrays Maths Bully Times Table Games Multiplication Table
Times Tables Games Multiplication Flashcards Math Magician
Table Trees Math Mayhem Multiplication Games

Multiples and Factors  

Tell the Time
Stop the Clock Time Works Analog Clock Flashcards
Stop the Clock 3 Stop the Clock 1 Stop the Clock 2
BBC - Tell the Time Bang on Time Tell the Time Clock
Tell the Time Games and Activities Watch And Learn: A Kid's Guide To Telling Time

Money Problems and Pattern, Shape, Space and Measures
Bargain Hunt Adding Money Money and Measuring
Money Shape and Space Skills Shapes
Miro's Money Box Counting Using Money 2-D Shapes
Help Miro spend 80p Tessellation Town Counting Using Money
Transformations/Reflections Luncherama Money Game Tangrams
Polygon Playground What's my Angle Virtual Tangram
Sequence Space Angle Activities Data and Probability
Which holds the most? (capacity game) Measures Weight it up!
Alien Cookbook (weights &
Temperature Quiz Measure It!
Pinpoint that number! Can you read the Weighing Scales? Your weight on other planets - gravity!

Learning Maths through Fun Activities
Dragon Drawers Count On Word/Number Puzzle
Your Number's Up Math Magician Little Animals Activity Centre
Find the Pairs Ask Dr. Math Mystic Rose
Math Mayhem Connect 4 Colour by Number
Give the Dog a Bone Starship Maths Origami Fun
Spin a Number Primary Maths Games Catch the Giant Game
Matching Pairs

Animals and Plants
Animals Life Cycle of a Tree World Wide Fund for Nature
10-Minute mini-beast photo Safari Woodland Explorer British Agriculture
Plants and Animals Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Kids Zone Activities Minibeasties
Animal Homes Scottish Woodlands Habitats
Species Body Parts Natural History Museum
The Senses Science Box Geology - Dinosaurs
How milk is produced The Human Body Boots Learning Store
Whale and Dolphin Trust Animal Homes Plants and Animals in the Local Environment
East Anglia Variation Growing Plants

The Weather and the Water Cycle

Seasons, Clothing, Weather The Water Cycle More on the Water Cycle
Create your own Weather System    

The Universe, Global and general Science Sites

Virtual Solar System Science Clips Interactive Science Site
The Science Museum Discovery Channel Science for KS1
Float and Sink Science Resources Science City
Dynamic Earth Active Science Science Projects for kids

Forces (Pushes and Pulls/movement)
Forces/Movement Pushes and Pulls  

Materials - also Solids and Liquids
Sorting and Using Materials Grouping and Changing Materials Grouping and Classifying Materials
BBC Science Clips - Solids and Liquids  

Electricity - also Light and Dark
Light and Dark  

Environmental and Personal Science
Ourselves Sound and Hearing Health and Growth
Animals (Bones and Organs) Plants Recycle Zone
Healthy Eating Clean Air Kids Healthy Teeth
Yellow Woods Challenge (recycle) Food Chains

Walk through Time Vikings Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot
Ancient Greece Romans Anglo-Saxons
Olympics of Ancient Greece Roman Baths World War II Children
Ancient Egypt Battle of Hastings 1066 Children in Victorian Britain
Kings and Queens of Egypt Great Fire of London Victorian London
Celts Tower of London Dynamo's History Games
Scots and Picts School History Site Titanic

Famous People
Boudica Florence Nightingale Henry VIII
Famous People (Journeys) Famous People (Timeline) Samuel Pepys

Rainforests Online Atlas Geographical Association
Barnaby Bear Beside the seaside An Island Home (St. Lucia)
Adventures of Steven Seagull Houses around the World A Tale of Two Cities
Landscapes Children's Tropical Forests Beside the Seaside
Jurassic Coast What is Weather? Island of Coll (Katie Morag's books are based on this island)
Masses of Geography Resources Global Eye Geography  
I am an Artist Finger Tips Destination Modern Art
Starfall Art Gallery Make an Easter Card Tracing Art
Art Activites Perspective Drawing Take One Picture
FableVision Creativity Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for Kids Kidz Draw
Christmas Activities  

Primary Design & Technology Mechanical Monkey Online database of great recipes
Cardboard Model Ideas D&T online  

Primary French    

Creating Music Sheet Music Download tunes and song lyrics
Sing Up Make some noise! Youth Music
Bananas in Pyjamas Mysical Mysteries New York Philharmonic Kidzone
Rodent Choir  

Dottie & Buzz Bible Stories Story of the Nativity
Jesus the Story Chinese New Year Christmas
Christmas Carols and Customs Christian Book of Common Prayer Christian Aid (Official Website)
Christian Faith Places of Worship Hindu Religion Muslim Fact File (Islam)
Christmas Activities Jewish Celebration Judaism Fact File
Buddhist Religion Hinduism Fact File Holidays on the Net
Buddhism Fact File Sikhism Fact File

Meet Kids from around the World Cycle Smart Healthy Teeth
It's not your fault Out on a Limb Childline
Firework Safety Tie your Laces Firework Safety
Holding Hands Citizenship Foundation Learn about Electrical Safety in the Home

Netball Kids Games - ideas for the
Playground and More
Sporting Information Local Activities Soccer Drill Training Bicycle Helmet Initiative
Sport England

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